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For online ordering (no App) you may preorder in up to weeks in advance. Our app only allows up to two hours in advance.  Delivery availability and pricing is dependent upon your location.  We are partnering with Postmates & DoorDash to provide delivery service.  You do not need a Postmates account and there are no menu mark ups! Delivery tips go toward the courier.

Online orders will require at least 30 minutes to 1 hour preparation time. During non-peak hours, we may be able to have your order completed sooner.  Please sign up for text alerts for order status updates.

The nature of our kitchen is an okazuya - items do sell out!   If you order something that is no longer available for the day, we will attempt to contact you for a possible replacement.  We can provide a refund if a replacement won't do.

For bakery items, we do try to have as many items as possible available, but our kitchen is small and we are limited in space. If you order something for same-day, it may be sold out. Best bet is to order the day prior. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.  (Note: peak hours 10am-1pm, we do not always have a chance to answer the phone.)


Please proceed to the right side window to pick up your order. If you need assistance to your car or prefer to do curbside service, we can bring your order to your car during non-peak hours. Please call a day ahead to schedule. 

Phone ordering

We do accept phone orders, however, there are times throughout the day that we physically cannot answer the phone.  The best option is to call at 8am and schedule your pick up and pay for your order over the phone. 

Holds/reserves for sushi, desserts are also accepted via phone.

Special requests, large quantity items, calling a day ahead is greatly appreciated.


Please proceed to the right side window to pick up your order.  

Mahalo for your continued support.  Be well, stay safe! Malama pono.